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Testing and Screenings

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Hearing and Vision

The Vaccine Shop offers hearing and vision screening for patients throughout the year. According to optometrists, 1 in 6 children have trouble with their vision causing difficulties in learning and reading. Hearing and vision examinations help to diagnose any issues a child or teen may have with hearing or sight. As a form of preventative care, it is recommended that vision and hearing screenings be completed annually as a part of routine health examinations. Patients may need to go more frequently if issues or complaints about sight or hearing loss arise. Through our mobile clinic we provide patients with a thorough hearing and vision-screening test to assess any difficulties the patient may be enduring and to ensure that both hearing and sight are healthy.


About the Procedure

Hearing and vision screenings are a common procedure that should be given at least yearly beginning as early as birth. These screenings are often required prior to starting preschool or kindergarten and may be necessary before each school year.

  • Sight: During vision screening, practitioners will record the distance acuity for the right and left eye. Photo-screening may be used for patients 5 years of age and older.

  • Sound: Hearing screening is also a simple process and consists of the patient undergoing an audiometric screen for the left and right ears.

Following each screening, the practitioner will record the results and include them as part of the patient's official medical records.

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